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Vendor Info & Application

"Royaboya’s Handmade Bazaar is the best virtual bazaar I have ever been a part of.

It is well organized, aesthetically pleasing, fun and has a growing and dedicated fan base. Through this bazaar, my sales are stronger than any other virtual event I have participated in and I have gained customers outside of my state, who continue to purchase after the Bazaar’s completion. I would highly recommend this bazaar to potential vendors and shoppers alike! 5 stars!"

Shelly Morris, Lion & Rose

Are you interested in becoming one of our carefully curated vendors?

There are three steps:

1. Read the information below to make sure that you are a good fit

2. Fill out the application

3. Send in payment at time of application

Under the age of 20? Check out our youth sponsorship program below!

The Royaboya Handmade Bazaar is a high energy, playful, vibrant online shopping event and community!


Exceptionally wonderful vendors sell their items through a password protected website shop to a dedicated audience who prioritizes shopping from small businesses.


At the same time we have sales going on the website, we also have an active community with games and prizes on Facebook and on other social media. In addition we have a specil Thursday Preview Party, which gives folks with tickets the chance to shop early, win more prizes, and get other exclusive deals.


We carefully curate both the vendors and the audience, and end up with an engaging, entertaining and profitable event!


In addition to the virtual booth space, professional graphics and promotional materials, and access to the customer group, vendors are also provided a supportive training series in a vendors-only group, where training videos walk you through the logistics of this event and give ideas and inspiration for how to promote, engage, and maintain the connections you make at this Bazaar. 


If you are interested in becoming one of the select Royaboya Bazaar vendors...


Here are the steps:

  1. Fill out this application.

  2. Send in the payment.

  3. You will be notified if you have been accepted or if we are passing at this time.

  4. If accepted, we will send you the next steps and invite you to the Vendor Support facebook group.

  5. If you are not accepted, we will refund the payment minus the processing fee.


Successful vendors:

  1. Have unique, interesting, high quality handmade items.

  2. Have a range of prices, anywhere from $10-200

  3. Have a variety of items listed in their albums - 25-150 is ideal

  4. Participate in the vendor training group prior to the start of the Bazaar.


What do I take into consideration for vendorship?

  1. Your content: what are you selling and is it a good fit? Is there overlap with other vendors? Are you in the price range of our audience? Do you have photos that are a good representation of your products?

  2. Your community: How do you present yourself on social media? Are your messages in line with supporting mom and women owned small businesses? Do you have a community over competition mindset?

  3. Your connection: Are you able to be engaged during the event, providing communication, replying to comments, and being a hands-on vendor (even though it's virtual!) 


How do the Virtual Bazaars work?

--Spring Bazaar is April 15-17th, 2022 with a preview party on April 14th. Winter Bazaar will be the week after Thanksgiving.

--Bazaar shopping takes place on a password protected part of this website. Everyone is required to register ahead of time (registration for Bazaar costs nothing). Games and contests happen across our social media platforms, including a very active facebook group. In the month before the scheduled event, you will upload photos, descriptions, and prices of your products into our data management system and we will add them to the website shopping pages.

--Customers claim their items by writing "sold" with their email address under each photo. You will then reach out to them for payment and shipping. YOU HANDLE YOUR OWN INVOICES AND SHIPPING.


--During the event we make it lively and engaging with a variety of games, giveaways, live videos, and other chances for engagement. You will be able to sign up for a time to go live during the event if you'd like. Each vendor will be providing a raffle prize, an exclusive-to-this-bazaar product or price, and a few other small discounts to use as game prizes and incentives. Please reach out if you need help or more understanding about this!

--All of the vendors will also be asked to do as much promotion as they can! The success of the event relies on all of us!

Spring Soiree
April 15th-17th 2022

Preview Party April 14th!


Opportunities for

1) product vendors

2) Service-based vendors


Product vendors:

  • Booth Space is $150, with a $20 non-refundable processing fee (If you are not accepted, the $130 will be refunded) OR 20% of final sales (pre-shipping) + $20 non-refundable processing fee paid at time of application.

  • You need to provide one giveaway item for a raffle, of at least $15 value.

  • You need to provide 3 deals or discounts for us to use as game prizes - things like free shipping for order over $50, BOGO, free gift with purchase, etc.

  • You need to provide one product or price that is EXCLUSIVE to this Bazaar.

  • You will be provided

    • Virtual album available to customers for all 3 days

    • A time spot dedicated to your business, where you get featured and time to go live/post videos.

    • Graphics and promotional material

    • Access to vendors facebook group with training and support.

    • 3 free tickets to the Preview Party event happening April 14th!



Service Based exhibitors:

  • Stage time is $40 for an hour time spot to go live in the group, with a $10 non-refundable processing fee. If you are not accepted, $30 will be refunded.

  • You need to provide a 1 hour workshop to the group, via live facebook video (or zoom streamed into the group - we can talk about the tech piece later). 

  • Video will stay up during the whole event. You will be able to link your social media/website in the comments.

  • These workshops should be something teachable and relevant to your business. Successful examples have been: Skincare company showing how to make a DIY facial scrub. An event management company showing how to put together a charceuterie board. Massage therapist showing how to do a hand massage.

  • There are 6 openings. Workshops will take place during a morning session or evening session. You will choose your date and time when you fill out the application.

  • We will provide promotional graphics for you to share.


vendor ad.jpg
youth entrepreneur program


Are you under the age of 20 and Interested in being a vendor, getting education and training in running a small business, while selling at an upcoming virtual Royaboya Bazaar?

Apply for our sponsorship program!


Interested in providing a business-minded kid/teen entrepreneur with access to education, training, and business support? Become a youth-booth sponsor! 

Check out our amazing young

entrepreneurs who are looking to be partnered with someone like you.

"Being a part of Royaboya Bazaar was a wonderful experience for me and my business. I made friends and business acquaintances and now have my own arsenal of other handmade vendors to refer out! I love getting referrals and reorders from people who purchased from me and can’t wait to collaborate with the many people I’ve gotten to know. The bazaar is super entertaining and engaging. I really recommend everyone shop future bazaars and if you’ve got a small business definitely consider being a vendor!"

Danielle Trapp of Halisi Skincare

"I had such a fun experience being a vendor at the Royaboya Holiday Bazaar. It was incredibly well run, engaging, and interactive. It was intimidating at first, being my first time, but everything was so clearly laid out and the organizers were responsive and helpful. The other vendors were supportive and it had a real community feel to it. The whole event was innovative and unlike anything I've experienced, both as a vendor and consumer. I found a lot of goodies for gifts for myself and others. Thank you Roya for such a wonderful event, I'm honored to have been included!"

Jenelle Woodlief, Transformational Bodywork

"Roya - thank you so very much for an amazing event. Your hard work and clever marketing ideas within the event are fun, engaging & inspiring."

Erin Harwood, Garden Delights

"Being a vendor at Royaboya’s Handmade Bazaar has been one of the best decisions for my business. Not only was I able to increase sales and expand my audience but I was able to network with like minded small business owners.

Roya has set up a space where we gather to celebrate and promote one another while interrupting spending patterns. She helps put money into the hands of people who are looking to uplift each other.

I was also able to learn from other Vendors on how they are preparing and marketing their products. The learning alone is worth the ridiculously reasonable fee to be involved.

Promoting the event is made seamless with the assistance of Roya’s team member Kiera and her stunning graphics.

Overall this is one of those must attend events as a small business owner for the support, the learning and the overall beauty of being in a cooperative community."

Shannon Loucks, author of Love More

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