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Royaboya earrings are my go to because there is such a variety I can find a pair to match any outfit, any mood, any holiday/theme, any event... But at the same time they all hold that same Royaboya style that I find so enchanting- all my pairs of Royaboya earrings make me happy but also are functional- they’re lightweight and don’t bother my sensitive ears. And that’s a win-win for me!

Becky says...

I love your earrings!!!  I love how lightweight everything is and they don’t bother my ears or hang weird. The designs and patterns are all so unique and individual no two are ever the same. Just love seeing new things come out. Your creativity astounds me!!

Danielle says...
Renata says...

Roya’s earnings are really a piece of art: the intricate details, the beautiful curated colors, fun designs... I just call them ‘my happy earrings’!


Royaboya handmade earrings are my favorite! The detail and creativity are unmatched! Every time I wear a pair of Roya’s earrings it brings a smile to my face...not to mention endless compliments from people who see them and comment on how utterly cheerful they are. 

Jen says...
Vanessa says...

Roya’s handmade earrings are my favorite accessory to brighten up my outfits and to feel a little bit of sunshine during these Covid-Zoom times! I am honestly always impressed by the quality of her earrings. They are light-weight, funky, and she always has so many different styles that I fall in love with. It also helps that she is an awesome person who is out to spread joy! 💕


You will be amazed at how much inspiration you can get from each pair of royaboya earrings.

Ana says...


Roya's bazaars are always great fun! Roya curates the makers so well that I find something new to love in the handmade world EVERY time I go to an event. It's exciting to see her expand her reach, bringing together more fine makers with customers who appreciate the quality of handmade goods, and are willing to pay for the workpersonship required to produce these products.

— MK

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