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Values and Beliefs

Today is day 3 of the #MarchMeetTheMaker2021 -- the prompt is #ValuesAndBeliefs

I think one big word sums it up for the Royaboya Handmade brand -- but let me explain how it all connects to PLAY.

Play helps you look around and see your resources - people, tools, etc. You find allies and cheerleaders and work together. It builds connection.

Play helps you with divergent thinking, outside the box thinking, which is so important for makers - it's a huge part of Creativity!

It's also a big part of staying curious, always learning new techniques, or seeking out new materials to try.

Playfulness says, ooh try that weird thing, or what about doing it this way -- it is the attitude of experimentation, which leads to awesome results.

Except sometimes it leads to failures, but people who play are optimistic and resilient and a failure just means backing up and trying again.

Playfulness keeps us childlike, looking at little moments and details with awe and wonder - something I aspire to convey in the details of my jewelry.

Play brings happiness. Play brings connection. Play also brings engagement. From a sales standpoint, the Bazaars I run are successful in huge part because of the games, the fun, and the chances for everyone to play.

Playfulness helps us look at difficulties as challenges, not threats. As a small business owner, there are a ton of potential barriers - and being able to have the attitude of "I can do this" is pretty dang important.

I am a mom owned business, I make jewelry alongside my kids. There is a lot of actual play involved, and I love that they get to see me working at something that brings color and joy into the world.

So if you made it all the way to the bottom (Congratulations, your girl can get wordy ) I want to know -- how has play been a part of your life lately?

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