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To Do Lists and Gratitude

It's Friday night. I think. I keep thinking it's Saturday. I just got the kids to sleep, and I'm snacking on tortilla chips watching Brooklyn 99 updating my website and making lists to prep for a big handmade show on Sunday. This is why I'm so glad I was mistaken and I still have tomorrow to get ready! I have so much to do.

So - what does it take to get ready for a big event?

The event I'll be at this Sunday is called Patchwork. It's in a big parking lot at Marine Stadium in Long Beach - so it's on the water, which is gorgeous - but also means there is wind. Set up starts at 7am, shopping officially starts at 11 and goes til 5. Vendors bring everything -- merchandise to sell, canopies, packaging, everything.

Here's what I did today:

  • Photographed another 40 pairs of earrings and listed them on my site (trying to track inventory better!)

  • Cleaned and vacuumed my car (I hate to put one mess on top of another...)

  • Painted the canvas that is going to be my shop banner white, to cover up the writing that used to be on there

  • Printed and decided not to use 3 different sets of "royaboya handmade" for my banner... biiiig learning curve on this one.

  • Learned how to use a lot of photoshop, made 2.5 inch round stickers with my shop name on it to put on packaging

  • cleaned and repainted a social media sign

  • set up an EZ up in the front yard to discover that that EZ up has a missing piece making it annoyingly difficult to use

  • Researched and found a sale on EZ ups, spent a lot of time on hold waiting to find out if they had any still in stock

  • Purchased a new EZ up (with weights! Yay!)

  • Posted on Instagram and Facebook

  • Updated my website, realized I hadn't optimized for SEO's, wrote page descriptions for each page

  • Started this blog!

Tomorrow I finish up my prep. I pick up the tables, I finish the sign, I pack the car with all of my jewelry, I make sure my phone and back up batteries are charged, I pack snacks and water, I remember a footstool and a chair and my business cards.

Sunday morning I go early to spend 3 hours setting up a 10 x 10 space. Then I wait and I hope. I hope that people see something in my jewelry as they walk by. I hope they take the time to look and buy. I hope that they value it as much as I do. I hope that they believe in purchasing handmade gifts for their friends and family. I hope that they stop and keep me company. I hope that they understand the hours that go into being there.

It's scary to risk this. I love my jewelry. I love designing them, making them, photographing them, and sharing them. But it does feel like a risk - I've called in so many favors. My best friend spent a good chunk of today helping me with that big ol' to do list, my family is taking care of my kids while I'm at the show... a lot of people that I am deeply grateful for have helped me. It's not just my time at this show, its theirs too.

So anyways. It's now 11pm and I'm crossing my fingers that Sunday goes well. Glad I made this list, because I'll be checking it over and over again tomorrow! If you are in the area, I really hope to see you there. I'll be at booth #84 and would LOVE to say hi.

For more info about Patchwork, go here!

To join my facebook group, go to Royaboya Handpicked

To see what I'm up to check out my instagram!

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