To Do Lists and Gratitude

It's Friday night. I think. I keep thinking it's Saturday. I just got the kids to sleep, and I'm snacking on tortilla chips watching Brooklyn 99 updating my website and making lists to prep for a big handmade show on Sunday. This is why I'm so glad I was mistaken and I still have tomorrow to get ready! I have so much to do.

So - what does it take to get ready for a big event?

The event I'll be at this Sunday is called Patchwork. It's in a big parking lot at Marine Stadium in Long Beach - so it's on the water, which is gorgeous - but also means there is wind. Set up starts at 7am, shopping officially starts at 11 and goes til 5. Vendors bring everything -- merchandise to sell, canopies, packaging, everything.

Here's what I did today:

  • Photographed another 40 pairs of earrings and listed them on my site (trying to track inventory better!)

  • Cleaned and vacuumed my car (I hate to put one mess on top of another...)

  • Painted the canvas that is going to be my shop banner white, to cover up the writing that used to be on there

  • Printed and decided not to use 3 different sets of "royaboya handmade" for my banner... biiiig learning curve on this one.

  • Learned how to use a lot of photoshop, made 2.5 inch round stickers with my shop name on it to put on packaging

  • cleaned and repainted a social media sign

  • set up an EZ up in the front yard to discover that that EZ up has a missing piece making it annoyingly difficult to use

  • Researched and found a sale on EZ ups, spent a lot of time on hold waiting to find out if they had any still in stock

  • Purchased a new EZ up (with weights! Yay!)

  • Posted on Instagram and Facebook

  • Updated my website, realized I hadn't optimized for SEO's, wrote page descriptions for each page

  • Started this blog!

Tomorrow I finish up my prep. I pick up the tables, I finish the sign, I pack the car with all of my jewelry, I make sure my phone and back up batteries are charged, I pack snacks and water, I remember a footstool and a chair and my business cards.