Mom and three kids
And then there were three!

I'm currently on the couch, Brooklyn 99 playing on the TV...again... I have a rare moment of quiet because my mom has my two older kids with her, and the baby is snuggling on my chest. She has hiccups, but they are quiet. She's two weeks old, and every day I am feeling more energetic and ready to get back to things. I thought it would take longer to get used to having a third kiddo - but things already feel so complete now. This time I've been doing nothing but nursing and sleeping and nursing and sleeping and recovering from my cesarean has made me think a lot about what I want to focus on moving forward.

Mom owned business owner with baby in sling working at computer
Working mama life


--Wholesale. Goal - 12 wholesale accounts by the end of 2021.

*Waucoma Bookstore - in progress

*Believe Boutique - Mtg. scheduled

*BeeBomber - in progress

--Bazaar. Goal - events every other month, including new Book Bazaar. Average 15 vendors per event. Minimum 2 youth sponsorships per Bazaar.

--Website. Goal - audit SEO, make changes. Increase sales. Come back to this goal.

--Brand Rep program. Big goal - one in every state!

*Currently have 7 brand reps, 6 states

--Blog. Goal - average 1 post per week.

--Email list. Grow it. Come back to this goal.

--Bazaar in a Box. Goal - price, choose vendors, decide timeline.

Therapy Practice

--Individual sessions. Goal - expand hours. Hire childcare.

--Book. Goal - LAUNCH PARTY. Come back to this, it needs a whole lotta attention.

--Blog. Goal - regular writing. Come back to define this goal.

--Speaking. Goal - speak at minimum 5 large events this year. Add podcast communication to VA tasks.

*Life is Good conference - submit info

two planter boxes and a potted baby lime tree