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Earrings, good. Supporting causes, good.

I just wanted to write a little about something I just launched here at Royaboya Handmade! Now, when you go to shop for handcrafted earrings and other jewelry, you might see some with a ribbon that says, "cause collection." This means that if you purchase one of those pieces, I will be donating a percentage of the profits to worthy cause!

To check out what pieces are in which "cause collection," go to and you can read a little about each organization and see the jewelry.

If you are involved with a cause that you think would make a great beneficiary, you can always send me a comment through my site or email me at

one pair of bee earrings
Beelightful bee earrings, which earn $ for Buzzy's Bees NonProfit

[Check out this pair of beelightful earrings, which are a part of the Cause Collection for Buzzy's Bees - a nonprofit organization supporting families who experienced child loss.]

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