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A plethora of poblanos

My garden has started to produce more, since my husband and I built a few tall planters (so our tortoise can walk underneath!) and a few plants I thought were jalapenos just produced a plethora of poblanos and I made up a quick recipe that I want to remember because it's the best thing I've ever made!

The filling:

Sauteed in olive oil, with salt and garlic powder:

Acorn squash, zucchini, red onion, 6 poblanos, 1 jalapeno, 2 hole mole peppers. Sauteed til everything was soft and the onions and acorn squash were getting brown.

The sauce:

I took a scoop of the filling and put in a separate sauce pan, added some milk, a little sour cream, and about half a cup of homemade Instantpot yogurt. Used my immersion blender to get mostly smooth, then added cilantro and frozen spinach.

The assembly:

Heated up corn tortillas, added filling and a little mozzarella. Sauce on top. Air fryer for ten minutes on the French fry setting. Added Avocado, and if I had pepitas I would have added those.

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